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About Oscar's Boutique

Oscar's Boutique is here for those who have a taste for unique home accessories and furniture. The styles that we have are original and individual in their own way. The shabby chic range is full of products that embrace the distressed appearance which is iconic in the shabby chic style decor. The industrial style focuses on the warehouse and urban feel which are exposed pipe designs, metal drawers and hooks which makes it more unusual therefore desirable. To add, the contemporary style of products are very current and are suited to homes that follow the modern theme. The main characteristics of contemporary style are that they are mainly contain geometric shapes and unusual materials.

Here at Oscar's Boutique, the shabby chic, the industrial and the contemporary style of home decor is at the heart of what we do. Within these ranges, we have items like shelves and wall units that are great home storage solutions, as well as wall clocks to put the finishing touch to any room. In addition, the industrial style of furniture that we have available range from wall storage units and wall storage units and wall storage drawers that add character and charm to your home with a rustic feel, to side tables that sit well near the sofa or in the hallway. More of our main products include contemporary abstract style display freestanding units with several shelves to display ornaments.

Within our range of home accessories, we have ornaments, mantle clocks, candle holders, wall mirrors and even more. Our website is regularly updated so there is always something new to look at. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated when new products arrive.

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