How to achieve a vintage style home

Our next Blog instalment exploring Oscar’s Boutique’s key themes is based around the Vintage style. The word vintage is often associated with a variety of different things including wines, fashion, furniture and cars. The general rule of thumb is an item made in the past to a high quality classifies as something that is vintage. We are going to concentrate on achieving a vintage style home using key home wares and accessories.

The vintage style is a nod to times gone by and our range of products is designed to replicate this. Below is a check-list for those thinking of redecorating any room in the ever popular vintage style.

1. Make your base muted – try and stick to browns, whites, greys, pale pastels and creams. These colours all designed to compliment each other whilst creating a blank canvas so you can add your own personal stamp using vintage home accessories. Once your base is completed add a colour pop – some classics are a coloured chintz glass bowl or a vibrant wall canvas.

2. Use prints – there are a range of prints that suit the vintage style including floral, liberty and nature inspired. Using birds and butterflies helps to create an intricate detailed pattern perfect for bedding and wall paper.

3. Stick with leather and wood – both of these are typical features in any vintage room. Try adding an oversized brown leather pouffe to your lounge or a mahogany sideboard to your hallway. They will instantly help you take a step back in time.

4. Add some vintage storage – trunks and suitcases were particularly popular back in the 1920’s and are still considered a must have when it comes to recreating the vintage style. Try searching at flea markets and in charity shops for vintage trunks and making them your own by recovering them with a new print.

5. Choose your accessories wisely – this is where you can really make every room yours by adding your own personal stamp. In bedrooms try adding key accessories like mirrors and perfume bottles to dressing tables. Whilst in living spaces use chandeliers to create beautiful lighting. Some personal favourites of ours can be found below.

Our beautiful jewelled hanging mini candelabra comes complete with a tea light holder. Great for outdoors in the summer and creating an atmosphere inside in the winter. This set of two large cream Marrakesh lanterns are perfect to use as centrepieces at weddings. Add a splash of colour to your wall with this beautiful trio of rose painted swallows.

Our final three favourite picks are the latest addition to our display cabinets section – a white French antique style open cabinet. Place this vintage style oval faced clock on any mantle piece or shelf to really show it off. Finally our latest cream washed jewellery box with mirror is a wonderful addition to any dressing table.

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