Creating a Country Style Kitchen


Our final instalment of Oscar’s Boutique’s key themes is based around the country cottage style kitchen. It is because the kitchen is the central point in many homes, that the styling is really important. The country cottage kitchen never goes out of fashion but develops and adapts with the times.  No matter what size space you have you can make a country kitchen work for you.

There are certain elements that are true of all country kitchen’s and we are going to explore some of those. Here are our top five tips on creating a country kitchen to be proud of.


1. Use a neutral base colour – whether it is cream, white or grey, try and use a neutral colour as the base of your kitchen. Choosing a muted colour means you can add to it with pops of colour, brightly coloured accessories or painted tiles.

2. Introduce an island unit – don’t worry if you haven’t got a large space to play with island units come in all shapes and sizes. If you are designing your kitchen from scratch then built in units are perfect – to save work surface space try adding a sink to your island. However, if your space is limited look at having a freestanding unit.

3. Stylish shelf space – use a range of country kitchen accessories to create a colourful display. Choose a wall hanging unit to save counter space. We recommend picking a unit that has an interesting or wallpapered background to add character. Fill the shelves up with your accessories. Here are a few suggestions for you.

4. Aga’s are a must have – traditionally Aga range cookers are the staple part of a country style kitchen. Aga’s are simply the best range on the market and are made from cast iron – they are built to last. Traditionally they can take up a lot of space however, the latest model is the Aga City60 which is designed to fit into smaller kitchens. There are often painted in bright and pastel colours.


5. Paint your tiles – if you want to simply refresh your kitchen then try painting your tiles. Try and avoid areas that may see a lot of water or spillages and go for an area such as behind the cooker. This is a great way to add a feature to your kitchen. Pick a colour that compliments your cabinets, accessories and cooker.


For ideas on what accessories to choose please have a look at our Country Kitchen Accessories page on our website. We also have a Pinterest page which has a variety of mood boards and inspiration.