Fair Trade Contemporary Art

Fair Trade Contemporary Art Ornaments

We are proud and excited to introduce our new line of Fair Trade Contemporary Art, whilst moving away from our Shabby Chic core theme we feel that you will be as intrigued in these new pieces of art as we are. The range is extensive and incorporates handmade one of a kind sculptures and pottery from the African Continent.

Zebra Ornament

A Hand Painted & Sculpted Zebra

From Zimbabwe we have the wood, tin and stone carvings from a small family run supplier in Harare who support local artists. The wooden hand carved and hand painted sculptures are made by artists in mainly remote rural areas – each carving is completely unique. The hand painted tin and stone sculptures are from similar areas and all offering a fabulous one of a kind pieces of art.

The Raku Pottery is sourced from a small family fun business in South Africa, the pottery is produced using an ancient Japanese method. Each piece is removed from the kiln at 950’c and placed in sawdust, the glaze crazes are blackened by the smouldering sawdust creating the slight imperfections that are all part of the individuality of each piece.

The stunning hand carved and painted Soapstone range is from Kiisi in Kenya where they have been producing the sculptures for over 60 years. The carvers work in small specialized groups, firstly sawing and chopping the stone into rough shapes and then the artists do the more intricate carving before finishing the sculpture beautifully with the hand painted detail.

A Pair Of Handmade Raku Pottery Penguins

A Pair Of Handmade Raku Pottery Penguins

Wood Giraffe – Giraffes are known throughout Africa for their natural curiosity. Hand carved from Native non-endangered Jacaranda wood by Mishack Musevenza, each animal as a one of a kind piece with unique markings and poses.

Pair Of Olivewood Hand Carved Giraffes

Pair Of Olivewood Hand Carved Giraffes

We are always looking to grow the wide variety of ornaments we offer and feel that this new collection offer some welcome additions, with a great story behind them.

Wishing you a happy new year from House of Oscar.

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